In the middle of 1996 Municipality of Aktau started a negotiation with Fintraco company for the design and built of a cultural complex, on a land at the shore of The Caspian Sea. Fintraco company asked us to prepare two altenative designs, inaccordance with the programs prepared by the Municipality and both alternatives were mixed-use programs. It was prohibited to make a basement floor, since the underground water was very close to the ground level.

First alternative was composed of 3 main sections; 500 seat capacity theatre saloon, public library and recreation facilities. Three very different functions under one roof, with 5,000 m2 construction area. The theatre is located at the sea side with the lobby at the ground and the saloon at the first floor. Recreation facilities are attached to the theatre block and the entrance hall of the library is located at the road side, with the other library functions over the recreation facilities.

The program of the second alternative was smaller than the first one with 3,500 m2 construction area and it includes; 300 seat capacity theatre saloon, 75 seat capacity conference hall and a small exhibition saloon. This time a linear building was designed with one main entrance from the sea side. The plan was an atrium type with a skylight over it, where the daylight permeates all the circulation areas easily.

Both alternatives were appreciated by the municipality, but because of financial problems the project was not constructed.

Client : Municipality of Aktau
Contractor : Fintraco Insaat ve Taahhüt A.S.
Design completion : 1996
Total constraction area : 5,000 & 3,500 m2