Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan announced a bid for the construction of a military school campus in Shuchinsk, in the beginning of 1996 and the contract type was design and build. Fintraco Company participated the bid with our design and became the successful bidder. The land was approximately 36 hectares, in the eastern Shuchinsk and the construction was going to be performed in two stages.

The main factors affecting the design decisions were the tough climatic conditions of the region, local norms of Kazakhstan and educational program of the client. The region was at the north of Kazakhstan and the winter period was very long and tough, for example the temperature can go down to 40 degrees below zero and the depth of freezing soil can reach to 3 meters. This has been affected the system of construction and the configuration of the design. Besides due to the educational program, the school was going to start education at the end of the first stage, while the second stage construction is continuing. So it has to be planned in a way that the construction must not interrupt the education.

In the general layout, campus buildings were located leaving a 150 meter decently landscaped area infront of them, inorder to achieve a prestigious entrance and provide a security distance from the main road. The program of the campus was composed of 5 main sections and they were; student complex, auxiliary buildings, warehouse zone, dwelling village and outdoor sports area. Student complex buildings were designed as pavillions, connected to each other by closed and heated passages, providing the confort of reaching all the parts of the complex with indoor conditions. The east-west arm of the student complex, starts with the administration and continues in the order of social facilities, infirmary, student dormitories and ends with the indoor sports building, leaving an extension area for dormitories. North-south arm is attached to the social facilities and composed of classrooms and vehicle laboratories. Auxillary buildings such as fire station, laundry, personnel dormitory, jail, petrol station, workshops and warehouses are located at the south-west of student complex and the horse stable is at the south part of the land with a menage area infront if it.

Dwelling village is composed of three residential groups each with 5 buildings, surrounding an internal garden and two manager villas are located infront of this layout. The shopping center is on the main road and located in a way that can be reached from the residences and dormitories easily.

Client Ministry of Defense of The Republic of Kazakhstan
Contractor Fintraco Insaat ve Taahhüt A.S.
Design completion 1996
Total constraction area 45,000 m2