In the beginning of 1990 Ministry of Public Works of Turkey announced a national design competition for the Mausoleum of Celal Bayar, the third President of Turkey. The land is approximately 3 hectars and located at the north of Umurbey village, his place of birth, with a sloping topography from the village to Bursa-Ýstanbul highway. There is a cinema and a museum in the area and they must be renovated according to the terms of the competition. The goal of the competition is to create a mausoleum to introduce, explain and remind Celal Bayar and improve its near environment, to become a united whole with Umurbey Village.

Our design is composed of three platforms, planned at three different levels and each has a different function. The square shaped platforms are attached to each other by round stairs and at the end the visitors will reach the mausoleum. First platform is The Monument Square with a monument at the middle, symbolizing the life of Celal Bayar in three stages. Second one is The Cultur Square and surrounded by conference and museum facilities and the third one is The Ceramony Square with the mausoleum at the north corner. Administration facilities are at left side of the entrance and a terrace looking over the area, was designed as an excursion spot at the right side of the Monument Square. All the platforms are surrounded by precast concrete columns and arches, some with GRC boards informing about the life and philosophy of Celal Bayar.

Client : Celal Bayar Foundation
Design completion : 1990
Total constraction area : 1,500 m2 (closed area)