The religious building of Military Educational Campus in Schuchinsk. In the beginning, the building was designed for Muslim, Christian and Jewish students, as three separate parts under one roof, but afterwards the client cancelled the part for the Jewish and the design was revised accordingly. The building is located at the most calm and quite part of the area, behind the dwelling village.

Both praying rooms are designed with similar shape plans, as two separate buildings with a road in between and the Mosque is directed to Makkah. The buildings are connected by a lower level roof and perceived as one building. Entrances are from the semi-closed octagonal platform, shared by two buildings and each has a vestibule at the entrance. Instead of designing a minaret and a bell tower, it is preferred to distinguish the religions by a crescent and a cross symbols at the ridge of the roofs.
Client : Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Contractor : Fintraco Insaat ve Taahhüt A.S.
Design completion : 1996
Total constraction area : 300 m2