The site is at the intersection of two main roads with a triangle shape and there is a 4 meter level difference between the roads at the back side of the land. Contractor approached the client as a developer and proposed an offer, based on our design. The building is a retail and office complex with 20 stories, including 3 basement floors. Plan form is almost a triangle, responding to the land shape and has two circulations cores at the both edges, inaccordance with the local regulations.

Both ground floors and the mezzanine are for retail purposes and there is a bank branch on the upper ground level. At office floors, cores are connected to each other by a corridor, forming office areas for leasing purposes at both sides. Incase of one floor to be leased to one tenant, than they can include the corridor to the office area. 11th and 12th floors are designed as a two storey restaurant, which is reflected to the elevations by its balconies. The building is setting back from south core to the north, starting from the 16th floor and terraces are connected by fire stairs which reaches to the fire escape of the south part. First two basements are employee parking spaces and the third one is for techical and service purposes.

The building displays a visual diversity with its cantilevers, balconies, terraces, raund and transparent cores and crowns, but at the same time it has a resolved massing. Cantilevers are rendered with glass, cores finished with glass brick and the rest is aluminium cladding. The highest point of the building over-ground, excluding the anthenna is 68 meters.

Client : Football Federation of Azerbaijan
Contractor : Fintraco Insaat ve Taahhüt A.S.
Design completion : 1996
Total constraction area : 17,000 m2