The site is on Tiflis Avenue, located across the The Sports Complex and it is 8,800 m2. Client decided to develop a business center and according to his financial program, the construction must be done in three stages. Design documents of the first stage, which is the middle part of the land, was prepared in Baku by others, as two office buildings on east and west. During the construction of the first stage, client decided to change the top 4 floors of the east block as residences and approached our firm for the revisions. After completing the required revisions of the first stage we prepared the design of the second and third stage buildings.

Our design is awarded as the “Best Architectural Design” of 1998 by the Chamber of International Architects of Azerbaijan in Baku.

Second stage is an 18 storey office building, located on the south part of the land with the main entrance, planned on the narrow road next to the first stage. Plan responds to the geometry of the site for the first five floors and rises with a square shape and finishes by a glass pyramid, housing a two storey restaurant. Passenger elevators and toilets are stacked on the northern side of the plan, having a usefull wide office area infront of it. Total over-ground height of the building, excluding the anthenna, is 84 meters.

Due to the developments in Baku city, client stayed indecision for a time about the third stage construction and finally decided to divide the last portion of the land in two parts and market them with their conceptual designs. According to the decisions of the client we designed a 5 storey ambassy building with residences at the top two floors for the east part and again 5 storey, but this time an office building to be leased for the west part of the third stage.

Client & Contractor : Ramko Emlak Insaat ve Dis Ticaret A.S.
Design completion : 1998
Total constraction area : 35,500 m2