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In the late 1995 Municipality of Çankaya announced a national design competition for the new municipality complex, in a site located on the main artery of Çankaya. The program was composed of 5 main parts and they were; Mayor’s offices, public offices, back offices, social facilities and services. These functions were solved in two blocks forming an L shape complex, with a wide entrance platform closed to the prevailing wind.

The front block is for the Mayor offices and has a square plan with a skylighted court at the middle of the building, where the natural light permeates all floors. Top floor is connected to the main building by two bridges, reaching the departments of municipality, which has close relation with Mayor’s offices. The council saloon is at the lower ground floor and has a separate entrance from the same level of the main building entrance platform.

Main building starts as a rectangular plan with a vertical circulation core at the heart of the building, forming two atriums covered with vaulted skylights. This part is 4 storey overground, planned for public departments and the offices are surrounding the courtyards. Above it the building rises as two seperate wings, connected with the elevator hall and these offices are for the departments which does not have direct relation with the public. All the social facilities such as multy purpose hall, cafeteria, restaurant, exhibition halls and book stores are in the main building and located close to the entrance halls. Basement floors are common for both block and below ground programme includes; 300 parking spaces, archieves, main kitchen, warehouses, workshops and technical rooms.

Client : Municipality of Çankaya
Design completion : 1995
Total constraction area : 45,000 m2