Renovation and expansion of an existing production facilities in Günesli, one of the new regions of Istanbul. The client asked us to prepare a design of a Gold Center and the program includes; Istanbul Gold Exchage, Istanbul Gold Refinary, a shopping center for gold materials and according to the leasing agreement of the client, a production area must be prepared as a mint for the States.

The design was prepared in the beginning of 1999, collaborating with Alan Didinal Associates from London. At the date, existing building was under construction and we kept the production area as it is, but proposed a new linear office building infront of it. New building has four staircase towers at the corners, cladded by black granite and huge symbols of The Gold Center over each. Main entrance of the Gold Exchage is from the front elevation and shopping center entrances are at the both sides of the office block. Glass curtain wall of the front elevation set one meter behind the high columns as a background and a wide reflected pool covered all the front part of the office block, with a bridge flying over it for the main entrance.

An elipsoid courtyard, finished with a skylight is at the heart of the office block and Gold Exchage offices, of the first and second floors, are surrounding it. Shopping center, Exchage Bank and Istanbul branch of World Gold Council offices are at the ground floor. Production building is behind the office block and it is composed of Istanbul Gold Refinary and Mint for passports and ID cards.

Client : Türkiye Ekonomi Bankasi
Design completion : 1999
Total constraction area : 22,000 m2