In the late 2001 we prepared a design for the renovation of an existing factory building as a shopping center. The site is on the main artery of Ümraniye region and connected to TEM Highway in the west and to Kadiköy in the east directions. Location is an excellent point for a shopping and entertainment center of a city scale in the means of; road connections, distances to the existing shopping centers and population of Ümraniye.

Client was willing to have a shopping center by renovating of the three out of four existing buildings and the fourth one will be kept as it is, to be decided in the future. Two of the buildings were attached to each other with very suitable column axis and floor height, but the third one was a school building and due to its location on site and insufficiant floor heights, it was not suitable to be a part of the new center with its existing situation. So we proposed to demolish this building and construct a new one, which will be attached infront of the other two and it helped the massing of the new building a lot. Besides an under ground customer garage will be constructed in the narrow and long land, laying between the new center and the street. Garage is attached to the basement floors of the existing building and connected to the shopping center elevators and escalators.

The middle part of the existing building will be cut at every floor over ground, to form an internal courtyard with a skylight over it. There are two panaromic elevators at the two sides of the atrium and the void has a different geometry on every floor. First basement and three floors over ground are for shopping and the fourth floor is for entertainment composed of cinemas, games and food court.

Client : Komsa Elektronik Endüstrisi A.S.
Design completion : 2001
Total constraction area : 60,000 m2