Renovation of an existing factory buildings as an automative spare parts production plant in Orhangazi, Bursa. All the existing facilities, except the social building, were steel structure and the external walls were concrete hollow blocks rendered from both sides. Especially the external finishing, windows, doors and most of the expansions done to the project in the past were poor in quality. It is decided to demolish all the unregistered expansions and remove all the external walls and windows of the buildings and reconstruct them in accordance with the new program of the complex to achieve a contemporary architecture.

The complex is composed of production and administration building, social building, guard house and 3 separate warehouses for produced and raw materials. All the buildings were renovated externally and internally, besides the layouts of administration, production and social buildings were completely changed according to the new program and production flow. Roads and parking spaces were redesigned and the main entrance of the area was enriched by a entrance canoopy.

Client : Kirpart OES
Contractor : Dama Insaat Taahhüt A.S.
Design completion : 1997
Total constraction area : 7,105 m2