In the middle of 1999 Ministry of Public Works of Turkey announced a national design competition for the new International Terminal Building of Dalaman Airport in Mugla. The new building will be constructed at the south of existing facilities with a capacity of five million passengers per year and according to the terms of competition, the building must be double level terminal where the arrival and departure traffic will be seperated in vertical.

The new terminal building has a linear plan with seven passenger loading bridges and the parking position of the airplanes will be nose-in. There will be five more remote planes accross the terminal and the passengers will reach to these planes from the two saloons at apron level which are connected to the main departure hall by escalators. All the floors of ground side are connected with escalators and elevators, while the departure level has external elevator connections with the parking area.

All the entrances are controlled by 18 security check points, equipped with x-ray and magnetic arches, including personnel and service entrances. At the departure saloon there are 60 check-in units, planned in two groups and all connected to CUTE system. Behind the counters, two linear conveyors are transferring the baggages to the baggage sorting hall, which is at the apron level and there are two elevators for the oversize baggages. Arriving passengers will reach the immigration area through the passenger bridges, and go down to the baggage collection hall, after passing one of the 12 passport control points.

The vaulted roof of the building has been solved in three different levels with several skylights at the top of the departure area, so the daylight can permeate all points of the hall. 42 meters high air traffic control tower stands at the end of the linear building and the vip saloon is a separate building located at the northern part of the terminal.

Client : Airport Enterprises of Turkey
Design completion : 1999
Total constraction area : 73,527 m2